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The 42 Day Challenge

PCOS Weight Loss and Fertility Meal Plan


Cure your PCOS naturally and begin to burn fat faster than ever before! 

We have found a completely natural way to regulate your hormones through nutrition and accelerate weight loss without the use of any pharmaceutical medication!

Pharmaceutical treatments for PCOS and other hormonal imbalances do not get to the root of the problem and therefore cannot solve it in the long term. With our PCOS diet we will stabiles your hormones without any side effects or dependencies that medications have! You will feel the symptoms of the PCOS reduce and fat loss increase dramatically after just a couple of weeks on this meal plan.

This meal plan will also help you deal with PCOS related issues such as hair and skin health, uneven body fat distribution, low mood/ energy levels as well as long term fertility problems.

Your daily calories will be divided into 3 meals a day. Meal 1 has a complex carbohydrate option as well (unlike other low carb diets prescribed for PCOS which have consistency issues) so that you have no carb cravings through the day and can easily stick to your diet without breaking down in a slump!

This meal plan is gluten free and comes with lactose free options as well. The meal plan includes a large variety of exciting and easy to follow recipes so that you can have your favorite health foods at home such as overnight oats, greek yoghurt parfaits, chia puddings, cauliflower rice bowls etc. all the ingredients used are readily available, local and cost effective

There are detailed, printable shopping lists within the meal plan to make your groceries a manageable Most importantly, the plan includes details on several life style choices you can make (such as to your make up, cleaning detergents, the cloth you wear etc) that will help you alleviate and manage your condition much better!

The plan goes into depth about the training/ workout choices you can make to best support your healing process and unlock your true potential!

Our PCOS diet will change your life! Its one of our largest accomplishments yet!





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