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The 42 Day Challenge

Optimum Ketosis Ebook & Meal Plan

Optimum Ketosis Ebook
& Meal Plan

Turn your fat into fuel while eating the foods you love!

Burn fat fast with our ground breaking Ketogenic plan that will help you reach your 1 inch/kg fat loss goal each week! (depending on how strictly you will follow your plan)

The meal plan divides your day’s calories into 3 convenient and delicious meal per day. You will spend less time cooking and meal prepping than ever before!

Using the principles of intermittent fasting along with ketogenisis, this meal plan will boost your performance while accelerating fat loss in a short space of time
There are numerous exciting and easy to follow recipes within the meal plan along with detailed guidelines on how to use your own recipes so that your daily meals are not repetitive and keep you satisfied.

You can chose a variety of things from our large range of keto friendly ingredients which are readily available and cost effective. A simple shopping list is also provided within the plan


The meal plan explains how the ketogenic diet works in depth and provides you with all the knowledge you need to avoid any dips in energy or keto flu like symptoms. In fact you will feel more energetic and powerful on this meal plan than you could ever imagine!

Our Ketogenic meal plan will help you change their eating habits in the least stressful way to maintain long-term, sustainable results
This meal plan is for beginners as well as keto pros


Optimum Ketosis Ebook & Meal Plan



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