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The 42 Day Challenge

Home Workout

Home Workout
3-Month Plan

Cutting-edge Weight Training, Cardio and Ab workouts designed by fitness expert Nusrat Hidayatullah and Dr Torsam Tajik.

CUSTOMISED meal plan based on your body composition and goal! The meal plan will be TAILOR MADE FOR YOU with a complete guide and numerous QUICK recipes.

Workouts will be followed 6 days a week. Weight Training and Cardio + Abs will be done on alternate days, Monday to Saturday, with Sunday as the rest day.

The Weight training will include explosive movements, plyometric movements, compound movements, functional movements and isolation movements; all designed to retain muscle and cut fat in the comfort of your home!

The Cardio workouts will have high-intensity compound movements designed to spike your metabolism and torch your fat!

The Ab training is structured to target all parts of your abdomen; your upper abs, lower abs, internal and external obliques, and your transverse abdominus, building strength and shape so that they are VISIBLE!

Only 1 pair of dumbbells will be required for the entire duration of the program. A pair of 8kgs for men and a pair of 4kgs for women should suffice.

Your CUSTOMISED meal plan will be responsible for helping you RETAIN lean muscle and BURN fat. The meal plan will provide you with all the guidelines you need to turn fitness into a lifestyle and includes several low carbs and high carb recipes that will make meal prep easier and more enjoyable than ever before!

COMPLETE Fat Loss/ Weight Loss program that will hit every muscle in your body at home! Burning over 600 calories in 35 to 45 minutes daily and torching that fat!

THESE WORKOUTS ARE SUITABLE FOR ALL BODY TYPES AND FITNESS LEVELS. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a hardcore athlete, these workouts will be challenging and will cause you to break a sweat!

From those who are overweight and desire a complete body transformation up to those who are already athletic and desire to rid themselves of that last layer of stubborn fat, this powerful home based protocol is the absolute solution you’ve been looking for!


Home Workout
3-Month Plan


Original price was: ₨3,000.Current price is: ₨2,800.

42DC conducts sessions at multiple locations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Hyderabad and is helping thousands of challengers reach their transformation journey each year.

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