The Forty-Two Days Challenge specializes in fitness, weight loss, healthy lifestyle and body weight training. Torsam Tajik and Nusrat Hidayatullah co-founded this venture in 2012, with an ambition to instigate a fitness revolution in the country. It is the one of the first and longest running fitness programs in Pakistan.

Today, the 42DC conducts sessions at multiple locations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Hyderabad and is helping thousands of challengers reach their transformation journey each year.



It all started seven years ago with their own quest of seeking fitness and the realization that conventional workouts were not bringing the results they had in mind. Torsam and Nusrat started tailoring their own home based, equipment free workouts and made it a part of their lifestyle. To support their intense routines they focused their attention towards having the the right kind and amount of nutrition they needed to get the most out of their training. Fueled by passion, they started a boot camp to promote longevity-based training such as HIIT.

Program Details:

We specialize in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which involves Body Weight movements (using your own body weight to create resistance) and Free Weight training (with the use of dumbbells).